Hot stamping: making products more attractive


Hot stamping technology is one of the services offered by Dinamic Emballages to its customers.

Whether for perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceuticalor any other industry, our aesthetic printing expertise is at the service of our customers: Logos, symbols, decorations, etc.


Much more than a stamp, it’s an identity

Whether in the form of a logo, symbol or decoration, hot stamping is a tool used to make containers and the brands that use them more attractive. It is also a way to identify high-quality products.

In Rombach-le-Franc, Dinamic Emballages’ stamping workshop uses hot stamping machines that combine high precision, reliability and performance.


Pad printing on plastic

Dinamic Emballages is also an expert in precision pad printing. The transfer of single-colour or multicolour inks is another technology for printing logos, images and texts on any shape of media.

Dinamic Emballages has modern and specialised machinery for this purpose.


Surface treatment

Dinamic Emballages also offers surface treatments for these standard caps and lids such as vacuum metallising, galvanising, lacquering or varnishing, which make products even better.