Assembly and finish

Dinamic Emballages manages all semi-automatic or automatic assembly processes.

We manufacture assembly machines in house, equipped with state-of-the-art PLCs and the latest generation of programming software.

We can handle the assembly of semi-complex or complex parts. Whether for the perfume/cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical or construction industries,ourcustomers can count on certified expertise.


Technical excellence

Mechanical and human resources are used to ensure that the quality and conformity of the delivered products are in line with the requirements of each industry and the final functionality of the delivered product.

As a manufacturer of plastic parts, Dinamic Emballages offers assembly services for customers with specific needs.

Dinamic Emballages can offer unique assembly machines adapted to the product or project on request.

High-quality assemblies combined with expert plastic injection moulding and decoration techniques make Dinamic Emballages a benchmark partner, saving its customers time and successfully